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It's Alive Co. provides technical design, consulting and management of show systems (including audio, video, projection, show control, lighting, special effects and mechanical systems) for theme park attractions, casinos, and other entertainment venues.

It’s Alive Co. works hand-in-hand with Show Designers and Owners to lead the design and implementation of show technology into attractions and environments. We take our direction from the needs of the show design, and we are experts at gently deriving the needs from the creative team and owner’s staff. Put us on the team, and see what we can do!

Our experience spans theme parks, attractions, casinos, theaters, dark rides, etc. Indoor or outdoor, it does not matter the venue, we utilize our skills and knowledge to integrate technology into the very fabric of the attraction. We are known in the industry to be flexible and professional in our design and fabrication process.

AV Design:
We provide design of AV systems including audio, video, projection, show control, interactives and support networks. Our designs take into account all the requirements of the show creative, operational and maintenance requirements. The documentation we produce is of the highest quality, informs the facility impact & needs, and is used to bid the AV or audiovisual equipment and system procurement. The audiovisual systems design services include:

• Audio Systems for BGM / Paging, Surround Sound, Point Source and Effects Audio
• Video Systems for Storage, Playback and Display
• Projection Systems for Theaters, Shows, Rides, Specialty and Custom Effects
• Show Control for Theaters, Shows, Rides, and Unique Guest Experiences
• Interactives including touch screen, gesture / movement technology, and specialty uses
• App Driven Interface to & from Guests to Attractions
• Ask us about any other technology you are interested to incorporate!

AV Integration:
The number one issue with audio visual systems is the integration of various systems and technologies into one cohesive system. This is our specialty. We understand the importance of a clear and logical approach to a complex system of components. The system integration needs to be easy-to-use by the operations staff, and easy to maintain for the maintenance staff.

We work with a number of audio visual rack and system fabrication partners, and we can provide a turn-key system if that is desired. We can provide the final step of the AV integration by converting our audiovisual designs into installed systems, and smart 24/7 cost-effective maintenance options.

3D/4D & Effects Theaters:
Show designers and entertainment operators know the value of adding a 3D or 4D theater to the offerings to the guest. We know the intricacies of designing the technology of the theater for long lasting service and easy operation. You can use It’s Alive Co. as the technical expert if you are buying an off-the-shelf 3D / 4D theater, or we can design the AV systems for your theater. We interface with the design team on the layout, space requirements, technology support needs, and combine the data into a cohesive set of documents. We further inform the architects and engineers design by giving them proper facility impacts (sometimes called a facility input report or facility impact statement).

Dark Rides:
Many attraction owners utilize various types of dark rides to add value to the entertainment of the guests. Dark rides provide a cool indoor experience during hot days, and gives the guest a truly different kind of out-of-home entertainment experience. Our history with dark rides goes back two decades. We know the planning and design issues related to animated figures, scenery, moving set pieces, targeting systems and the other show technologies associated with the ride. Our design service will delivery to you and the team the most coordinated design drawings. Our technical field management will smooth out the process of buying and installing complex technical systems for your dark ride.

Show Technology Design:
Does your show or ride need water elements or special effects? Our past experience makes us experts at designing and implementing show technologies into facilities and entertainment attractions. Some of the specialty show technologies we have provided include:

• Water Effects, Waterfalls and Water Play
• Misting and Fog Systems
• Low Smoke and Fog Systems
• Fog & Smoke “Blasts” or Rolling Clouds
• Wind Effects
• Scent and Smell Effects
• Lightning and Tesla Coil
• Special Effects and Show Lighting Systems
• Ask us to help with your other ideas!

Installation Management:
After design is complete, we are typically called in to manage the build vendors through their fabrication and installation phase. Our experts keep a keen eye on the site activities and ensure a quality installation of the equipment. At the point of programming the show, we provide expert management of the technical vendors and coordinate the activities to support the creative efforts of the artistic team members. The result is a smoother show programming process and a better show!

Special Troubleshooting Specialist:
Once an attraction is opened, sometimes troubles pop up involving spurious faults, down time, and other problems. Theme Park Operators use It’s Alive Co. to analyze and solve those issues. We deal with facility support systems (water, power, data, structural, etc.) and show equipment systems (mechanical and electronic hardware), and we treat the problem and troubleshoot holistically and logically in order to quickly come to a resolution. Try us out on your troublesome problems!

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