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Past Projects

2002 Winter Olympics logo, Salt Lake City Pictures from the 2002 Winter Olympics logo, Salt Lake City
Video - 2002 Winter Olympics logo, Salt Lake City

Project: 2002 Winter Olympics Icon
Client: Salt Lake City Organization Committee
Project Phases: Complete Turn-key design, Production and Operation

Project Background:
The Salt Lake City Organizing Committee wanted to extend the brand of the Olympics and create an Icon that would become the Symbol of the Games for Salt Lake City.

During the feverish pace of the planning of the world's special event, the organizers of the Olympic Games would need a company with vision and experience. Further, the contractor would be trusted with one of the world's most recognizable logos, location and budget.

It's Alive Co. was selected to provide a turnkey design and production strategy to limit the financial risk for the client, and create the world's largest lighted display and special effect - a "floating" Olympic logo in the night sky! Using advanced 3D computer modeling, a location was simulated for mock-ups. Finally, a location was selected and production began.

The Result:
A hugh lighted sign covering over 123,000 square feet with the brightness of 5,550 automobile headlights. Each ring stretched 160 feet in diameter - the size of a 14-story building lying on its side. The logo was visible from space with the naked eye. "It was an enormously successful project ..." wrote the client.